About Artist

Come and meet Tom at his T🍅M ART🍅 live exhibition (8th & 14th May 2023)


Tom exhibition share’s his special variety soup of images home-made oil and acrylic paintings, created plein-air & in his Sussex studio, and digital drawings.

Tom’s vibrant colour palette and spontaneous marks create expressive semi-abstract images and pictures from real and imagined landscapes.

“My choice of colour palette and expressive gestures can express my mood at that moment in time, as much as the state of the subject itself.”

See Tom’s instagram account (tom_gillham_art) illustrates work and records at different stages within the creative process.

Tom Gillham Art CV and contact details shown below:

Please feel free to contact Tom directly (or via social media) if interested in owning a piece of original work, prints or cards.

For further info and previous exhibitions see links:

https://www.facebook.com/tomgillhamartist/ https://www.facebook.com/tom.gillhamart.3/


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