About Artist

Tom’s new ‘alT vieW poinT’ exhibition is on between 8th & 9th March 2022 (click link): https://colonnadehouse.co.uk/event/tom-gillham-2022/

The exhibition in Colonnade Studio Gallery features a fresh series of paintings, all created within the last year, made in his garden studio, during a global pandemic.

Tom enjoys exploring different ways of seeing and making art, and talks about how he has learnt through his practice.

“Seeing things differently at specific time of day, when in a particular state of mind and from an alternative viewpoint can help to change perspectives on much more than whether you like or dislike whatever you see in front of you or judge it as art. ”

“I love to lose myself in the mediative act of making and drawing with paint, it gives me both energy and a form of stillness, a feeling of balance and peace that I find difficult to achieve by other means.'”

“I often work on a couple of paintings, regularly turning the frame on the easel to gain a fresh perspective and or watching a wonderful waterfall of colour across the canvas that create natural and sometimes chaotic forms and offer an alternative viewpoints or frames for the marks I made so far. 

“I don’t create puzzles for viewers or demand viewer unlock specific hidden meaning in my work, however I am always interested to hear viewers comments especially interpretations of abstract images, that reminds them of something particular. Perhaps a feeling, dream or atmosphere of a place we both passed through, at a different point in our life times.” 

“Making marks intuitively reminds me about the feeling and experience of places, people and other paintings that influenced me.   Out-of-focus magnified memories from the edges of my vision, of sparkles, smells and sounds of the sun on the sea or misty sunset skies from my walks over the undulating landscapes and beautiful woods dotted around the South Downs National Park.”

You find out more on Tom’s instagram (tom_gillham_art).


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